More about orders

Check and change your order information

You can check whole purchase and delivery information from history page.

・You can revise cancel/delivery address/delivery time for "Waiting" or "Paid" status items.
・You can revise delivery address/delivery time for "Paid" status items.

You can't receive notification e-mail of your order

You will receive the notification email for order completion and shipping completion.

・When you don't receive an email
Please check the email settings. Your email account may block notification emails.
※Please make sure you can receive e-mail from「{0}」.Please check your e-mail setting.
There is a case that emails are blocked by a internet service provider(ISP). In this case please make a contact to your ISP or service managers.

Purchasing limited edition items

The limited edition and the first edition items are mentioned as [Limited Edition], [First edition], [Special package]. If there is no such comments, the item will be normal edition.

※You can check the purchased items from history page.

Purchase for privileges

Please check the detail of the item for contents of privileges.
If you put a item with privilege into the cart, both item name and privilege contents are mentioned. If it doesn't mention any previleges, item doesn't contain them.

※You can check the previleges of your oredered items from history page.

Changing the releasing date

●Change of the release date
In case of the release date of the oredered item has been changed, you will receive the notification email to your registered address. Item will be sent on new release date.
※If you ordered several items at the same time, items will be sent with an item of the latest release date.
●Cancelled release
In case your ordered item has been ended up cancelled release, you will receive the notification email to your registered address.
All specific items will be cancelled.

※If you ordered several items at the same time, the transaction for other items will be continued.
※If you have already paid, you will be paid back.
You will receive the email to explain you the way to pay back.